Call for Papers for Issue 17 (2022)


Call For Papers for issue 17 (2022) 

The AALITRA Review publishes a variety of high-quality material concerned with literary translation, and translations of literary texts from other languages into English with a critical introduction and commentary by the translator. It aims to foster a community of literary translators.  

All submissions are subject to anonymous peer review.

We welcome submissions in the following areas:

  • scholarly articles on aspects of literary translation (both fictional and non-fictional, practical and theoretical)
  • original translations* into English of literary texts (with a preference for poetry and prose) accompanied by a critical introduction and commentary by the translator
  • original translations* of Australian literary texts into LOTE accompanied by a critical introduction and commentary by the translator  
  • interviews with established translators or Translation Studies scholars on aspects of their work
  • book reviews of major Translation Studies publications
  • book reviews of literary translations into English, or of Australian writing into other languages

*Please note that ‘original translation’ means a text or translation that has never been accessible in the public domain (e.g. blogs, social media, self-publishing,, etc.).

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Submissions for issue 17 (2022), which must be prepared according to the Guidelines for Contributors, should be made through the online submission portal by 20 May 2022:

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Submissions received after 20 May will be considered for Issue 18.