Stoic Sediment


Shane Carey


The quintessential American man

Is a rightful king who rules his land

If everything is not, he can pretend it’s ok

Life’s a good time, don’t get in the way


The American woman is not so ideal for the American man

While he attempts to prove himself, proudly, coldly

She doesn’t understand, does ANYTHING she can

To take him from the luxuries of his deserved wealth


It’s all he can do to deny it

How else can a man get peace and quiet?

Keep her naked, in the dark, to eternally shiver

Don’t want to be no ‘Indian giver’


The wife is the corpse in the frozen river

The big catch dragged from the river shore

What is denied both one and the other

Unashamedly given to the masculine law


There is only a place on this stage for a threatened lady

Hush, hush and hide her in hair, make-up and triviality 

Dress up death, act out the show, and pay the fee

Keep going, all is fine, there is justice here, you’ll see


About the author

Shane Carey is completing a double major in English and history with a minor in photojournalism, after years of disability care and narrative therapy in wilderness settings. At present Shane believes his interests may lead to creating spaces for people to share stories and promote personal growth in an educational setting.